Anderson County Republican Party
Anderson County Republican Party 2023 Reorg

Anderson County Republican Party 2023 Reorg

What does Reorganization mean and why do I want to be involved?

There are 3 major roles determined at reorg:

Election of Precinct Executive Committeemen

Reorg, held every two years, is when you elect PRECINCT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEMEN and Precinct Officers. The Executive Committeeman is the voting representative for your precinct.

  • Being an EC means you have a voice in the direction and priorities for the County Party. EC’s have power! You speak for your precinct when you address elected officials, and can hold party officers accountable.
  • As EC you have a responsibility to be present at every ACRP Monthly meeting in the event of a vote. If you cannot be present, you can ask your president to vote in your place or assign A “Proxy” to designate another person in your precinct to vote on behalf of the precinct. Showing up to vote gives a voice to all in your precinct.
Election of County Delegates

Each precinct has an assigned number of COUNTY DELEGATES they are allocated for attending the COUNTY REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. Our goal is to recruit a delegate for each spot in your precinct. These DELEGATES elect ACRP Officers, and STATE DELEGATES at the County Convention.

Election of State Delegate

  • STATE DELEGATES elect the SC Chairman of the Republican Party.

Three very important ways to let your voice be heard, in both your county and state republican parties. All you have to do is SHOW UP!

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